Sunday, June 29, 2008

Memoire Savoir

mixed media assemblage- diet coke can, ex-halogen bulb,
CD, old camera part, spiral wire bind, acrylic paint, asst.
buttons and doo dads a.k.a. thing a ma jiggies.

detail of top portion

My mantra reduce, reuse, and recycle. I've finally figured
out that 'reduce' really means to 'save from landfill' and
store in my garage, because there is no reduction of stuff
here. It's been saved for re-purpose and use in future
creative projects. I must say though, that I've got it all tidily
packed into labeled containers so it's easily accessible,
however our three-car garage is currently functioning as a
one-car garage due to the love for our hobbies. My husband
enjoys vintage car restoration which... is a one car at a time,
sorta deal so there is plenty of room for machinery, tools,
kilns and art paraphernalia.

The soda can assemblage was inspired from a class I
took from Michael de Meng who is one remarkable mixed
media assemblage artist and storyteller. His book
"The Secret of Rusty Things" is filled with his visual
treasures, wonderful mythical storytelling and exploration
of technique. If you ever get a chance to take one of his
classes, just do it.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Independence Day.
Free from negative thoughts, free from work, free from the
everyday drudgery.

"Carpe diem" and claim your independence! My best to all and
thank-you for your visits and kind words.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Young Liz

12 x 12 x 3 gallery wrapped canvas

I initially prepped and textured the canvas with black gesso.
A while back I had found a magazine image of a woman who
reminded me of Frida Kahlo. She didn't really look like Frida,
but her face spoke to me and I was determined to create
a Frida because I am enamored by this artist, her work and

I transfered the image to the canvas and began to paint my
Frida. She was coming along quite nicely and I was beginning
to think how I might embellish her hair and her neckline.

Somewhere along the way I decided to divide the canvas into
6 sections by painting 3 random black lines, right through the
center of her likeness. I gave each section a sheer transparent
color wash of it's own. I had created unique multiple sections
of Frida and was delighted by the outcome and then... as if I
had gone mad, I reached for the unthinkable- a black
permanent Sharpie marker and began to sketch feverishly
around the painted image.

Now I had done it, gone too far, and hated it.

I immediately reached for the titan buff acrylic paint a tried to
go over my permanent markings and to no avail, my
permanent marks remained. What was I to do next?

I ran for the sandpaper, coarse, knubby sandpaper and began
ferociously sanding away at the entire canvas.

In the reveal, parts of initial black gesso were coming forward
and parts of the image transfer were vanishing away. There
were more light washes of titan buff, more sanding, canvas
scrubbing and then I stopped, canvas in my left hand while
brushing the paint dust remnants away with my right, I looked
at the canvas and decided that I was happy. I stared at my
canvas I saw a new familiar likeness, but this time, it was one
of a young Liz Taylor.

My Frida never evolved, but I was happy working tenaciously in
her spirit. This was to be my happy ending, a ressurection of my
artistic accident.

"The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I
paint always whatever passes through my head, without any
further consideration." -Frida Kahlo

As always, I thank you sincerely for your kind words and visits!

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


8 x 8 mixed media polymer mosaic

My completed polymer clay mosaic, ready to hang. My previous post shows the pieces I had created for completing this project. It took me a bit longer than I had hoped, but more importantly I enjoyed the process. It was an escape, a detour if you will, from my usual creative path. There is a kind of mindfulness that takes place when trying to decide what pieces will go where. It was a relaxing and meditative process until... you find that you have an area that needs a tile which has yet to be created. I need to stockpile tiles. Incorporated in the final piece are commercial glass/stone tiles and beads.

This was my first mosaic.

Thought for today: "Hiding places there are innumerable, escape is only one, but possibilities of escape, again, are as many as hiding places. "- Franz Kafka

Perhaps we all need to find an escape, a diversion from our normal routine, a change of pace.

Thank you for your kind words and visits. Do stop by "The Way I See It" my other blogspot.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Polymer Mosaic-In Progress

Work in progress here... thought you might be interested in seeing this one unfold.

I have worked with polymer clay intermittently over the years and had forgotten all the great wonderful things you can do with this medium. This past Sunday, I was instantly re-inspired. I had the opportunity to spend 8 glorious hours with Laurie Mika, an extremely talented polymer clay mosaic artist. If you are interested in polymer/ mixed media and you ever get a chance to take one of Laurie's classes, do it. Check out her current events/ workshops and book.

Here are some images of the clay tiles I created. I stamped into the polymer clay using rubber stamps, found objects etc. applied gold leaf paper, pearl ex powders, acrylic paint, small bits and pieces of ephemera, jewelry parts, buttons, get the idea.

You can click on the following images for a closer look.

Next step will be to arrange these tile pieces onto this
8 x 8 metallic gold painted frame and to incorporate
other glass and ceramic tiles to create a one-of-a-kind mosaic.
I will also create a collage for the center.

Stay tuned... with any luck and time on my side.
I'll have this done tomorrow.

Thought for today:
"Remember that the best relationship is the one where
your love for each other is greater than your need for
each other"

Have a wonderful week, I'm glad you stopped by and as always
I'm grateful for your kind words.

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