Saturday, October 18, 2008

Road Trip

Dusk at Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Ah..relaxed and rejuvenated. I'm sure some of you were
beginning to wonder if I'd ever return. 10 States, 9 National
Parks, 817 photos, a birthday and 4,850 miles to be exact.
I've thought of you, 'my friends' and hoped that everyone's
life would carry-on in good health and good fortune while I
was out gallivanting around the country. I've got lot's of
catching up to do. You see I haven't even looked at my
blogs,nor any others this entire time and I am now eager to
see how you are all doing.

We are glad to be back home. Our vacation was remarkable
and impossible to put into words. We visited many new
places, re-acquainted ourselves with old places, visited with
old friends, made some new friends and had the pleasure of
meeting my new blog friend Sue for dinner.

There is nothing like traveling this great country of ours the
old fashioned way, by car, seeing what you see, taking the
roads less traveled, through ghost towns, quaint prairie
towns, mountain towns, and big cities. We have traveled
to the desert, through the prairies, through the mountains,
to the coastal waters, back home to California. It reminded
of the song "America the Beautiful".

Now if we'd only get our our politics in order.

Having arrived home so rejuvenated and my mind another
year older, I couldn't remember how to use my iweb
application or my ftp app or anything else. My mind was
tabula rasa, empty, blank. I had 817 pics to catalog, sort
through and decide which to put on a web page. I've posted
a link to our pics here "Tour of the Northwest" because I
know some of you will be interested in seeing them. If you
double click on the album it will open to thumbnails for
individual viewing or by slideshow.

It's amazing how long it takes to get through 2 weeks of
mail at home, at work and get the house back in order. I
should be posting something artful soon.

I look forward to visiting with all of you and getting my
groove back. In the meantime... please make your voice
heard and VOTE!

Thanks for visiting! My other blogspot "The Way I See It"