Saturday, May 2, 2009

Disintegration Collaboration- The Reveal

Back in January, Seth of "The Altered Page" had a
project in mind, he called it "Disintegration

He wondered what would happen if he created an
art bundle, left it outside, and called on mother
nature to be his collaborator.

Little did he know he would inspire so many more
to join him in this endeavor. Today there are 120+
artists who are playing along. There are art
bundles everywhere- across state lines and
international borders.

On May 1st, we were to reveal our art
bundles to see how they have changed over the
course of several months.

You can see more 'befores' posted on the side
bar of Seth's blog and then visit the individual
artist's blogs to see their 'after' reveals.

Next up... Part II is to use some part
or all of the original (now somewhat disintegrated)
bundles to create a new work of art. No rules.

The next reveal will be August 1st.

The "before" in the wind...

the rain...

and the frost.

The "After" May 1st.

The copper has patina'd and lifted, some papers
have curled or fallen over.

I think the reflective copper tape and hanging
canvas have kept the birds from perching.

Overall the piece has stayed pretty much in tact.
Last week it was 104. So it had a chance to
bake in the sun.

Stay tuned for what comes next.

Thank-you Seth for encouraging us along
with this fun project!

Something to think about:

"Insight into change teaches us to embrace our
experiences without clinging to them -- to get
the most out of them in the present moment
by fully appreciating their intensity, in full
knowledge that we will soon have to let them
go to embrace whatever comes next.

Insight into change teaches us hope. Because
change is built into the nature of things,
nothing is inherently fixed, not even our own
identity. No matter how bad the situation,
anything is possible. We can do whatever we
want to do, create whatever world we want to
live in, and become whatever we want to be."