Sunday, June 28, 2009

House of the Rising Sun

I thought it would be apropos to have you listen to the
song that inspired this creation. Ah...the summer of love.

"House of the Rising Sun" at
#2 Melodia Lane

mixed media on wood
18" x 6" x 1 "
asst. ephemera
rubber stamps
acrylic paint
oil pastels
beeswax can only surmise what
lies behind closed doors

our madam is smiling whilst
errant notes speak "look for the sun"

Here at #2 Melodia Lane beyond the
ornate gate the door appears buttoned
tightly, and a light is a glow in the
window, beckons the next caller.

Do you dare?

I'm being silly, these days I feel I don't
need to be precocious. I've enjoyed
my time away, making, doing and just being
after all isn't that what we are supposed to do.

Our world is in a different place these days and
we need to be more observant, more vigilant,
perhaps even play a different role. While our
world is evolving, so must we. What can we do
differently with our days to make them richer
and to calm our souls? How do we interact with
each other?

My hope is that you are all well and in good
space filled with good health and happiness.

I think of you often.

Thank you for your visits and kind words even
while I'm away.

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