Sunday, February 15, 2009

Disintegration Collaboration

My artist friend Seth over at the Altered Page started a
fun winter project and has encouraged others to play

His project is called Disintegration Collaboration. It is a
art collaboration with mother nature . The premise is to
create a bundle of papers, ephemera etc. and tie it up,
and then place your bundle outdoors to live for a
couple of months.

How will your piece disintegrate and evolve over time
when left at the hands of mother nature? We'll find out.

Here are pics today of my bundle left in the hands of mother nature.

On May 1st, all participating artists will update photos of
their bundles to reveal their evolution over time.

The wind and rain have already taken hold.

My disintegration piece is made up of a block
of scrap wood, copper snail bait tape, spiral shank nails,
piece of scrap canvas, a canadian coin, piece of collage
art cut with circle punch, vintage text, found puzzle piece,
paper flower, used painted towels, wire, eyehooks,
wooden skewers, scrap punchinella, water
soluble oil pastels.

My patio may just turn into a rainbow of color.
I'll be watching and photographing the process.

Thanks for stopping by!

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