Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sally's New Bustier

I took an old slide, dismantled the innards and created a minature collage. Painted small piece of watercolor paper with twinkling H2O's and Golden Interference Green. Half stamped/half drawn image, piece of mica and a broken piece of sea shell to represent a bustier.

I must say, that it is not as easy as you would think- to confine yourself to such a miniscule space, so here in lies the challenge.

"I've Gotta Hand it To Ya"

Cold pressed (rough) watercolor paper, oil pastels, funky patina'd charm and scrap text in black slide frame.

I leave you with the following thought:
"If we can go deep into ourselves we will find that we possess exactly what we desire"

(though it wouldn't hurt to have have a bustier as tough as Sally's)

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K Hutchinson said...

These are both so cool! I have to say I think it is a huge challenge to work in such a small space! You did an awesome job!

Heidi said...

Hi Andrea!
I Love Sally's bustier:)
I agree - small spaces are a huge challenge for me too. I am usually running off over prolific and larger than life in my head - lol!I also love the rusty little hand. These are both just wonderful!

Thanks for the comments on my duck photo's. That was a very satisfying experience for the whole family. Ours and the ducks!

By the way - no more spring weather here!- Arctic cold of (-13) today - yes, MINUS. There was over a 50 degree diff. in Temps between Monday and Tuesday. Back to the 30's by Sunday though :)

John M. Mora said...

These are amazing - I did a print screeen on top one - your impress me with words and images.

I also sat meserized by your art book recommendations. I never noticed it as well before. It is hypnotic and the books look great.

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Unknown said...

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