Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life, it's Ephemeral

11 x 14 gallery wrap canvas, Golden acrylics, spray paint,
stencils, game piece, collage fodder, paint pens

fleeting moments,
give way to new experiences,
enriching our lives beyond measure. -ThE ArTfuL EyE

For curious minds, wondering how I come up with this stuff, read on.
When working with collage or mixed media, I generally do not have a pre-concieved idea as I begin a piece of work. I have an extremely overactive mind which works overtime, thinking, thinking, reflecting, daydreaming and the cycle repeats over and over. No rest for the weary here, but I would not have it any other way.

I usually begin by painting or placing random images down on paper. I pay attention to the color, and try to mix up my palette. Lately, I'm really trying to force myself out comfort colors and more into experimenting in color palettes that are more foreign. I find this helps me to be a better painter and expand my knowledge for color mixing.

Sometimes ideas will begin to develop along the way and my overactive mind will attach a thought to something I have placed on the canvas, or the lyrics to a song will come to mind, leading down a path of reminiscing, and reflection. Most times it isn't until the very end, when I look at the piece and hope it speaks to me.

As I was nearing the end of this piece, I was reminded of an old song by R.E.M.
"The Man on the Moon" and it all came together. I realized that this song was about embracing faith, even when you think you should know better. It's about the game of life, pop culture, fact or fiction, which made me think that life in itself is ephemeral.

Hence the name, "Life, it's Ephemeral"

Ephemeral- translated from Greek εφήμερος - ephemeros, literally means"lasting only one day, transitory, existing only briefly

In the game of life, we make up our own rules and then there are some rules already in place. Our lives are ephemeral in bits and pieces- each transitory moment, experience, each day touches us briefly, fleeting and make up our todays, give us our yesterday's, provide us our memories. Like most ephemera some things we won't ever experience again and some things will stand the test of time. Each of these moments is a part of our whole life experience, some moments richer than others, while some won't be worth remembering, yet all will be meaningful.

For your listening and viewing pleasure,

R.E.M. - "The Man on the Moon"

I'll leave you with this quote, "Ephemera is the window into our past."

Thank-you for enriching my life, by your visits and kind words.
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Irene said...

Wow, you certainly gave us a lot today, great artwork and great words and I feel you spoke them directly to me, but that is probably very self centered of me. Ephemeral is a wonderful word and should be used more often to describe certain aspects of our life. I can't believe how unfamiliar we are with it. I want to call many things in my life ephemeral right now.

Anonymous said...

right...I read all of that. (Who am I kidding?) I LOVE Your canvas...and I love our friendship =)

John M. Mora said...

On a roll - your work (dead on again) envisions and resonates of what you reveal "here," what I casualy call an artist's "sensibilities."

The comment above is a compliment beyond the words and images here - envelopes action.

Great post - I enjoy ephemeral gardening - spring bulbs in particular.

K Hutchinson said...

What you have written today has touched my soul. As I try to forget my past and build a strong positive future. I take control of what I want to see and feel in my heart! The images on my soul will now show scars that are now healed!

Your canvas is gorgeous! I love the colors and composition !

Carmen said...

This piece is beautiful! I love what you've written today. I can relate to so much of it. Thank you.


John M. Mora said...

Came back - such a good image and the words - open and inviting.

Very very very solid.

Love it.

Anonymous said...

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Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I dare not believe it but I am in the comment section! WAHOO! I have been trying for what seems like forever!

I absolutely love this piece on all levels. Composition, colour, topic, emotionally and intellectually. It's a fabulous piece and I am so pleased to be able to tell you! lol.
Love the word rolls so beautifully. This is such a meaningful piece of art.
Good on you exploring other colours. I have my fav's too and tend to stick with them. Occasionaly I will do a swap where I work in someone elses theme. Recently I had to do pink stuff and I have a hard time relating to my own work. It looked very forgien to me!

Love the PEACE art work too and the meaning of it. Rock on sista! Peace, love and mungbeans to you:)

Irene said...

I've come to look at your work again and you know, when I was a kid, your man on the moon would have scared me!I just stopped looking at him as part of a work of art, but as an individual and he has mad eyes that make you scared when you are little, maybe when you are big too. But he is a perfect man on the moon! Only Louis the XIV wold have been better with his wig on. This is what makes your art so intriguing, it makes you stop and think and remember.

Big hugs,

Irene said...

I have 2 awards for you over at my place!

Artists With Artitude said...

So glad I'm out of my funky illness so I can absorb and admire this truly vibrant piece of art. Like you, ollage comes to me, I never plan it or even think it. It's all the result of connections (mysterious or otherwise) that may remain unknown for all I care. I love the cultural references in that collages and as you said, you went out and explored with a different palette. Something that really takes courage and will. Bravo!! I love the glowing feel of it all !!

Anonymous said...

Absolument Magnifique ton art square !