Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Identity Crisis

9 x 12 140# cold press watercolor paper
collage fodder a.k.a. stuff papers, old and new
foam stamps, Caran d'ache water soluble

Aren't long vacations supposed to help revive a person?

For the past couple of weeks I feel like I'm chasing
my fish tail, that's right my fish tale.

Long story short...
Swimming upstream, a single wing damselfly in distress,
an incomplete metamorphosis, toting a single hawk
wing. All dressed up an no place to go.

But wait, I do have an asparagus crown. Does this count for

Our vacation was wonderful, a single flight to
the great city of New York where we picked up our
rented vehicle and traveled to places far and near,
visiting new haunts and old, with family and friends
some old acquaintenances and some new.

Gerard and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet
another blog friend John Mora of Typos.Daylight.Fate
it was a fragment in time at Fire Island National Seashore
with his lovely wife Marie and 3 beautiful children.
A moment we'll treasure.

We travelled through the Pennyslvania Dutch Country,
eyeing beautiful lush green pastures, fields of corn,
red covered bridges, picking up roadside produce from
our sweet Amish and Mennonite friends who work
tirelessly tilling soil and managing livestock and farms.
Hardworking, beautiful people.

Trekking down to Gettysburg, PA
to pay respect to those who fought valiantly for a country
divided, hallowed grounds- now common.

Onward toward to our great capital city Washington, D.C.
to spend time with my sister, brother-in-law and
my new twin nieces.

Next stop Virginia Beach, and Cape Hatteras on
the North Carolina's spectacular OuterBanks.
Breaking shore, dipping sun, warm ocean breeze,
breathtaking, refreshing, mind cleansing.

Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk where the Wright Bros.
took to their first flight.

Further trekking now heading west through
North Carolina in search of the Great Smoky and
and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

I believed I had seen green trees before but never,
NEVER have I ever seen so many beautiful varieties
of trees in one location. Deciduous,
Coniferous, Evergreen all there, canopies that
go on forever, enchanted forests, lakes and mountains.

Final stretch and our destination for departure
Nashville, TN home of the Grand Ole Opry and...
believe it or not... an exact replica of the Parthenon
as it was in ancient Greece, right in the middle of
downtown Nashville.

I know now why I'm still gathering my wits. It
was a great joy ride, and now it's back in the saddle.
I just need to find it.

Soon, yeah soon... I'll be posting pics of our trip
at my other blog locale "The Way I See It".

Peace and Love.. ain't it good to be back home again.


K Hutchinson said...

Your piece is just amazing! All those lustrous layers, the textures the colors it is magical!

Go glad you had a nice vacation! Sounds like great little tour you got!

Hugs and <3

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Yes! It's great to have you home again! And wonderful to read of your journey...and see something created by YOU!

Debrina said...

Hello Andrea - my name's Debs from Debrina's Diary. We're collaborating together on Lisa's Round Robin. We met very briefly via Seth's DisCo project. I remember your piece well! Can't wait to do this thing!

Godinla said...

First of all, I miss you. Long time no talk. Doesn't really matter though. Good to see you here again, fresh and new. Your music is fitting.

I "saw" what you were saying. Post those pix.

You sound good. Alive. Well and happy. Please be that way. One of us needs to be well and happy.

I'm watching you and wanting only the best.


Viola said...

Simply gorgeous artwork!!!

John M. Mora said...

Playing for scale?

I have missed your voice and vision.

It was great to meet you and Gerard. Fire Island, pizza and remarkable pastries.

Big hug.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a beautiful piece! Oh I can so relate to your description of it - chasing my fishtail, swimming upstream. I'd fallen out of blogging because of it. I just today decided to see if I could jump back into this again and I saw your comment you'd left me back in August. Thank you for thinking of me! It's good to hear you got to have such a wonderful time on your vacation. I look forward to seeing the photos. Blessings! Serena

shayndel said...

Hi Andrea,
I love your flying fantasy fish out of water. She's in a magical world of her own making.
Nice to visit your world again, and welcome back.
Sometimes being back from a journey does spin us around and it looks like you are finding pleasure in the flopping (?!) back to place...♡

-K- said...

This is a totally magical piece of art.

Deborah Truesdell said...

Hello Ms. Andrea!

Welcome home! Sounds like a magical trip. I'm looking forward to an upcoming play date some time soon!

Hugs to you,

Gaby Bee said...

This piece is absolutely stunning! I just love the mysterious feel and the color palette you used.

Tami Bayer said...

I can relate to chasing my fishtail. Beautiful piece. Your vacation sounds amazing. I've been to some of the places you described, but not all. NIce to see you here. Happy Fall!

Anonymous said...

Andrea, Thank you for your support and encouragement on the staying quit from smoking. I'm very grateful for your advice as an ex-smoker. It really helps to know what others have gone through and how they dealt with it. Thanks so much!!

John M. Mora said...

My best...

among found objects said...

wonderful. It reminds me of the postcards from France Poissons d'Avril.

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