Saturday, February 9, 2008

the JoY of PlaY:invitation response

My contribution to Sue O'Kieffe's : Invitation to Play at Sacred Circle Mandalas

Sue O'Kieffe and John Mora Typos.Daylight.Fate have recently begun to collaborate on some of their creative efforts.

John's original image "stay" can be viewed here where he sampled a lovely photo from Babaloo here. Sue's mandala, is a collaborative work with John can be seen is here .

Thank-you to Great Grannie Bobbie for suggesting this round robin challenge.

"No images have been hurt in this creative exercise, only my ego as I struggle to learn the tools"

All rights to these images belong to the original artists who are extremely talented and whom I am grateful to have met through this venue. Thank you for your permission to *play*

Have a wonderful day! My other blogspot: "The Way I See It"


Unknown said...

Hey aE...yes yes yes what fun. Im so glad you played and had fun and experimented with the tools. and yEs again. woohoo.

K Hutchinson said...

This is so cool! I love the colors and texture!

K Hutchinson said...

I got my metal hand at Hobby Lobby for $5! It is super heavy! Thank for the sweet comments on my blog too ;)

Enzie Shahmiri said...

I have found your blog through The Great Granny Blog and wanted to invite you to visit my blog.

I am having a give away of an original pen and ink drawing for my One World-One Heart Give Away

Irene said...

I am sorry for all the other participants, but this is the best product of that collaboration yet. Me likes it very, very much indeed!

So, you see where these things lead to. It's an unexpected final artwork that nobody should mess with now, I think.

Except for me, maybe, yeah, I could could see me doing something with that, yeah, that's the ticket...

Rima said...

oh, I feel like lying down in the grass! it feels like some perfect spot to be, somewhere in time - it's a vibrant, joyful interpretation, and I love it.

dianeclancy said...

ooo ooo ooo - I recognize part of this image!! Very cool!!

I like too.

~ Diane Clancy

Bobbie said...

Wow! This green shouts out to me. I love these cool little flowers dancing around and the "leaves or guinea fowl" too. I can't wait to get my hands on it. hehe.

John M. Mora said...

Given your post yesterday, I am calling this type of collaboration a rat.dala.

No disrespect meant to beliefs or humans - and stated, by me, to foster world peace, amen.

It is very well executed - your stamp, if I may. It is quite elegant.

Would a rat.dala award be in bad taste? Please. All I am saying is give peace a chance.

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Lol John!
This is a lovely ethnic looking piece, 3d ish too. How clever!
Love the Rat fink story by the way!

Trijnie said...

I would like to lay my head on it, its beautiful

Irene said...

Dear you, I have taken a bunch of your images to alter and publish on my blog in an effort to collaborate.

In other words, I have stolen your images to manipulate them. I hope you don't mind, if so, let me know.

I have also stolen from John and Lisa and Sue.

Kris Cahill said...

This is bee-yoo-tiful! Love it, nice collaboration.