Saturday, February 16, 2008

OnLy WhEn I Am fOuNd, CaN I bE Me

9x12x1.5 mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
Golden Fluid and Heavy Body Acrylic, molding paste, collage material

My contribution to Illustration Friday's pick o'tha week "Theory"

My theory is "only when I am found, can I be me". so where am I? am I hiding from myself? or am I hiding in plain sight? These are the thoughts I ponder.

What about you? Are you lost or found?

Here's a cool site to see what other's have found while they were out looking: created by Davy Rothbart and some of the great "Found" books by the same author here .

"Found is an uncommon tribute to and commentary on everyday life-- a collage of disparate "found" items sent by readers across the nation, ranging from love letters to doodles to shopping lists"

"You grow up the day you have your first real laugh, at yourself"

Now quit lingering and go find yourself!
xoxox my other side "TheWay I See It"


platinum blonde said...

i really like your idea and your collage is beautiful

Kim H. said...

Love your collage! The writing in the texture gives it such depth!

LostLuggage said...

Excellent. I'm jealous...I look at those prompts and am perpetually stumped! You get it perfect every time!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

What a beautiful piece of art! It is balanced, warm, earthy and as I said BEAUTIFUL! I like your theory too. Art is a great road to journey down when looking for yourself...

Ella said...

Love the earthy color tones, the yellowish paper and all the little textural details.

Kris Cahill said...

Andrea, I love this beautiful piece, and the spirit that comes with it. A lovely thought to begin my day today. The image of the child works especially well in this piece, and the puzzle imagery is great.

I love to find myself, but I need to allow myself to get lost more in my art. I trust I will find my way back again. :))

Corinne said...

I like to think that I know the real me, but then something happens or I do something and am surprised and meet myself all over again. As always, beautiful, beautiful, inspriring art.

Susan Tuttle said...

This piece is beautiful!
Don't you just love molding paste?


John (Copyright JMM 2007-2008) said...

Beautiful - execution and sentiments - and for me what appear to be redbud tree blossoms is a welcome surprise (in bottom left quadrant).

Lingering is my middle name.

Sweet Irene said...

i need to refind myself every day, sometimes I am easily found, sometimes I am lost and I have forgotten what I am like. Other statements about me seem true for awhile, until I find myself again and I know they aren't. My beginning lies only a short time ago in history, not in my childhood. I have no past to cling to, as it was all an illusion. I start 14 years ago and my efforts to be stem from that time. A short span of tie to build up experience in. I do alright, though, and pretty soon, I can maybe make a picture like yours.

Anonymous said...


My first visit to your site, and I have to say, I feel at so at home! I loved looking around and I getting to know you a bit better! It was fun playing with PMC today and eating pizza for lunch!


johanna said...

this is beautiful

Magos Nava said...

I still am not. Fabulous illustration and her atmosphere

Susan Tuttle said...

Me again. I loved your dump story - what a hoot!

Do you still have that Santa?


Neda said...

I am not here. Haven't found myself yet...stumbled on that Santa Susan was looking for..:)

Great post and link. Awesome interpretation (like Julie, I am always stumped with these prompts...something about rebelling against authority, I guess?)

Sandra Evertson said...

I LOVE the texture in this!
Sandra Evertson

Trijnie said...