Saturday, March 22, 2008

YoU aRe NoT HeRe...

11 x 14 canvas board, gel image transfers, Golden acrylic paints
rub-ons, paint pens, rubber stamp

My contribution to Illustration Friday's challenge "Pet Peeves"

I've got a few pet peeves, but this one particular 'peeve' is on top of my list and it's about refusing to ask for directions.

Have you ever gotten in the car with someone who will drive around in circles, travel for miles and insist they know where they are going? and it's clear that they are lost and you are not getting any closer to your destination? Then you ask that miserable question, "Why don't you ask for directions?" and the person retorts with a smug remark, Why? I'm not lost I know exactly where I'm going, then your face begins to scrunch up and you're ready to go to battle. If you're lucky you somehow arrive at your destination with the driver acting like they knew all along how to get there or they finally concede they are lost and beg for mercy.

-or wait there's a better one...
they ask for directions and then do something completely different because they don't believe the information they've been given to be true and you remain lost.

Other pet peeves:
cellphone use in restaurants, while driving
dogs left unattended barking continuously
shopping carts left randomly askew in parking lots

I'll leave you with the following quote:
"If someone is going down the wrong road, he doesn't need motivation to speed him up.
What he needs is education to turn him around." - Jim Rohn

Thank-you for your visits and kind words.

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Unknown said...

Thought I'd stop by after chatting tonight - love the artwork and the site!

K Hutchinson said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous canvas! I have to say that is a pet peeve of mine too! I love the colors on the canvas! You ROCK, my friend!

Trijnie said...

great work Adrea and nice to read
x Trijnie

John M. Mora said...

Wow - look at this canvas sized Easter egg - full of life, brains and promise.

My dog keeps calling me on my cell phone while I am in restaurants.

My best to you and yours this Easter. Thank you for all your kind words.

steve said...

Fantastic interpretation!!

Artists With Artitude said...

Map of the (lost) whirled!

What gets me is people textmessaging on their cellphones while driving! Grrrr!

This is a beautiful collage, especially the delicate skirt line. Great color combo..Is this done with beeswax?? Beautiful!

Irene said...

Great work of art, Andrea! Lovely colors!

I must have a pet peeve too, but what is it?

I try not to have too much contact with the human race so as not to get too aggravated, so I probably have many of them.

I don't like over enthusiastic people who spill their emotions all over the place when they hardly know me and who then shut them off and turn around and go spill them somewhere else all over again.

That is my pet peeve and hypocritical people, I can't stand them.

That's probably too much for one comment, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

yeah, those people should admit that they don't know everything :)

dianeclancy said...

This is a wonderful pet peeves!! I have been wondering what to do ...

Take care!

~ Diane Clancy

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Nice work! I am amazed at your ability to illustrate so many of the IF themes no matter how different they are! I love the jumble of letters which at first glance seem alphabetical but then you notice they are not. A bit like thinking you are going in the right direction then realising you are not!
Hmmm pet peeves...writing a comment and having blogger eat it OFTEN, loosing my keys only to find them in the bag I already looked in 5 times and ignorant drivers!
Have encountered 2 of 3 already today and it's only early...
Have a good day and thanks for your warm comments!

Corinne said...

LOL!!! It seems that you and I have quite a few pet peeves in common!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Deborah Truesdell said...

Andrea, loved the colors and ballerina in this piece! The little compass and caption made me smile :)

Sandra Evertson said...

This is Fabulous!
Sandra Evertson

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

I really like this so much. Your pet peeves are so much like my own. Especially not asking for directions. That makes me so mad when someone who is driving will not ask for them when they are lost.
I received your package yesterday and was blown away by your kindess and generosity.
The card with the the 2 yellow birds touched my heart deeply.
I loved everything and Elizabeth did too. I am putting a package together for you but it may take me a few weeks to get it out.

I wished you lived near me so I could just have tea with you and talk. Thank you for your kindness... love nita

Anonymous said...

Love your piece! I can readily identify with your pet peeves. One of mine is the person who tailgates you thinking that will speed you up somehow. I've been peeking and I love what I see!! I'll have to come back again.

Joy Logan said...

Nice piece! How about those shopping carts on those parking lots that ram into your car?