Saturday, April 26, 2008

Self Portrait

colored pencil effect

pop art effect

Having fun with Mac's Photobooth software, for
2thingsphotochallenge "Self-Portrait"

My new header is actually my new business card created in PS, layers my painting and photo of my eye with assorted filters. Another self portrait of types. I left out my name and address but you get the gist.

Lovely weekend to all who visit here and thank you for your kind comments.

Cheers! My other blogspot:" The Way I See It"


K Hutchinson said...

These are so creative! I love it! Your new banner kicks ass! Have a wonderful weekend!

Irene said...

Oh Andrea, now I know what you look like! I never had a clue! I didn't know you were so good looking and so well preserved. Must be that Eyetalian blood in you!


John M. Mora said...

The new header/business card is perfect - art blends with graphics and evidences the nucleus of your unique velvet warmed palette.

Your portraits are great compostions - the top one is Park Slope now - assured and hip and fashionable. The bottom one reflects more the style and exuberance of the west and is introspective the way California allows yhou to be.

Like me now, I think we tqo are east/wet.

I am not sure if which were the wicked witches of Oz - north soujth or east west, If I had t eh DVD I would look it up - unfotunately we have a VHS, which thirty years ago I thought was an amazing invention.

Anything east west should be good, heart, brain and courage aside.

PS - I went here ( ) and north and south were good.

East and west are evil apparently. Sorry.

Janet Kincaid said...

What are the chances?! I posted a similar pop art photo for "self" on my blog today. Gotta love Photo Booth and Mac!

Anonymous said...

excelente blog excelente tus imagenes!!

un saludo

Tami Bayer said...

Amazing! Your new business card and your portraits are jaw dropping fan-freaking-tastic.

Maya said...

I really like that pencil one. Very interesting!

Susan Tuttle said...

very cool!


Susan Tuttle said...
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Artists With Artitude said...

Sorry, I am late in commenting but I really love the 4 quadrants, they remind me of the old posters I used to have of the psychedellic Beatles :)..The pencil rendering depicts a fun loving person (did you take that pic on purpose??)

Corinne said...

I love your new business cards. They are fantastic. Great self portrait....don't you just love the Mac photobooth?!! You can always find one of us playing on there!

Joy Logan said...

Love how you did the Warhol you what a fun photo option to have. I did it once it took hours on my photo program. Love it!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

i love this! xoxo nita

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