Sunday, March 22, 2009


18 x 14 mixed media canvas consisting of:
image transfers, permanent india ink, acrylic paints,
asst. collage fodder, rub-ons, beeswax.

"I am listening but pretending that I'm not,
like I'm living exclusively in my own private world."

What might it feel like to live in our own private world?
Would we invite friends?
What does private mean anyway?

My private world is noisy,
full of thoughts clamoring to be heard
I'm in charge,
free to acknowledge or ignore
sometimes distracting
here alone,
with my thoughts-listening.

Thinking of all you my sweet friends .
My best to you, wherever you are as the seasons
change and we start anew.
Thank- you for your visits and kind words.

My other locale: "The Way I See It"


Carmen said...

Wow. This piece is absolutely amazing. The color, the composition... so much to see and take in. Incredible!


John M. Mora said...

I like the vitality - twirling like a category three hurricane - the palette and tones are distnctly yours - unmistakable also via sensibilities.

Ovaltine Karma. My best.

Irene said...

Another beautiful collage by you. I wish I could be your apprentice. Too bad you live so far away from me. You have much knowledge that I need. You do give me ideas, though. Thank you.

Janet Kincaid said...

I love your pieces that incorporate words and images and colors. This one is no exception.

I, too, often listen to what's going on or being said around me. The crux for me is not interjecting myself into the action or words, but simply listening and pretending I'm not. It's a challenge!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE This piece! The colors the textures the words! They all speak volumes! I sometimes do think I live in my own private world! Turning out everything around me- outside my house!

Nikki Lee Anne Ghilain said...

Amazing piece....I love the colors. Thank you for sharing.

Pierre Raby said...

A piece of magma with strong and beautiful words!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

You already know I just love everything you do! I love your style, pallete and words. yes the seasons are changing! May they bring inspirations with them!

Tami Bayer said...

Such a strong piece. It speaks volumes.

Unknown said...

i wish i lived in an environment where i could work with liquid looks like so much fun

Tamsie said...

This is beautiful and having seen it "live", it's even more amazing to me! You are a talened, witty, energetic woman. It was a pleasure to meet you! Hope we can do it again.

Deborah Truesdell said...

Hello Ms. Andrea! Thanks for the recent comments and I must say, having seen this piece in person was a treat! I loved our play date (waiting to see you post your piece from that day!). I can't wait to play with you in the sandbox again!


Seth said...

Gorgeous! The layers and the colors are really stunning. Thanks for the comments on my blog. And Andrea...could you email me so I can send you some info about the Disintegration Collaboration? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

STUNNING!!! This is so beautiful! Truly!

jgy said...

Looking at your images is also like listening.
I am listening into the layers. Listening for the different colors, for what the woman will say, for the sound of that feather blowing in the wind.
I like that you say your private world is noisy and yet all the 'noise' allows me to hear a beautiful quiet.

Just came back from a short trip, and 'journeys' always make me turn inwards for a day or two until I am fully back.

jgy said...

PS In my post the game I was referring to was the Game of the Goose. An old-fashioned board game.
Thanks for making the connection to another 'goose' game!

Unknown said...

o much to see and take in. Incredible!
Enjoy every minute of your life. very interesting to read ....thanks for giving this kind of blogs,thanks...
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Teresa Halminton said...

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