Monday, November 26, 2007

Glass House-Vintage Christmas

Front of the house

Back of the house

Side (1) of the house

Side (2) of the house

The glass house front panels are 9" tall
(collage between 2 pc's. of glass x2)

The pitched roof of side panels measure 4" X 7"
(collage between 2 pc's. of glass x2)

The lower side panels measure 5"X 7"
(collage between 2 pc's. of glass x2)
---some sewing included

All individual panels were copper foiled and soldered, then panels were soldered to form the house. The house sits over a "tap" light that can be turned on to illuminate the imagery.

Thought for the day-
"People who live in glass houses should not throw stones."

--- something made of glass can easily break; it is vulnerable. We are all vulnerable in different ways. Sometimes we forget our own vulnerability and "throw stones" at other people in the form of criticism. In other words, check yourself before casting a stone or an unkind word.
I bet you're far from perfect.

BTW -No one lives in this glass house, just good 'ole friendly spirits of the past.

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