Wednesday, November 28, 2007

:::This just in from my news desk:::

I'm perking up...I just got done posting on my other blog when I decided to look outside and check on our local raging Santa Ana winds. (You know those winds that help fuel all our firestorms in sunny California) and once I recovered from the electrical shock I received through my body from all the static electricity due to the dryness and lack of humidity. I found not one but TWO packages left by UPS on my doorstep.

Inside first package- 3 humongous catalogs from
Rio Grande filled with tons of goodness to buy. Can't wait!

Inside second package:

My recent order from : WholeLottaWhimsy

I'm officially an addict, a "silver clay addict" that is...see my syringe of clay, rubber block, agate burnisher, 45grams of pure silver clay, cork clay, a .999 stamp, 2 cute red containers of smelly liver of sulphur and a gift baggie of candy.

I'm on the mends! New mantra "must get better soon, must get better soon..."

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Julie Prichard said...

Rio Grande Catalogue? It's almost better than Christmas!!!!