Sunday, November 25, 2007

OuR NeSt

What I present to you here, is a 9" x 12" collaged shadowbox. There is a glass front to this box which is hard to tell by this pic, which slides open to the right. The small box within shown with stamped writing and image of birdsnest opens to present a small speckled blue robin's egg. There are painted thread spools for the feet. This box currently hangs on a wall.
Off to create some journal pages...Wish me luck.
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Julie Prichard said...

Ok- you're officially on fire! This is another great piece!

DonnaSalazar said...

I love this!!!

Thanks for the suggestions on my re-design! :)


emilia in Taiwan said...

This is gorgeous! I am amazed!! I love the little box in the showdow box!! extremely gorgeous!

John M. Mora said...

this so great, so special.

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