Monday, December 31, 2007


2" x 3" mixed media collage
-with the following ingredients, some hope and imagination:

collage image
a piece rubber shelf lining (
painted with *Modern Options)
aluminum sheet
(run through crimper)
picture hanger
Radio Shack resistor
multi-color seed beeds
cool button
metal heart(
painted with *Modern Options)
wave crimper
"hope" metal ephemera
wire 24g
metal slide
knock out seal
(painted with *Modern Options)

As you see here "Hope" comes in all shapes and sizes.

Here's a photo I took off of Highway 67 in Ramona, CA just after the Cedar Fires in 2003. I wasn't living here then, but we had happened to take a weekend drive and I came upon this photo op. It was fitting for the time and it seems fitting now.

Hope for 2008.
we find each other in good health
we are surrounded by loved ones
we continue to share with others
we reach out to those in need
we practice kindness
we find forgiveness
we practice peace
in this spirit, we are happy

To my friends, Happy New Year! 2008 ... thanks for the visits and your kind words on my blogs :"The Way I See It" and "The Artful Eye"


Sanja said...

This is gorgeous!:-)
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Happy New Year Health Wealth and Love. Denise Massachusetts

Anonymous said...

Great collage! and that photo is perfect! Happy New Year!

Andrea, said...

Fabulous collage. Happy New Year

dawn said...

happy new year!
the hope for more mailart, perhaps?


Paula said...

Gorgeous artwork.
Happy New Year!

BellaColle said...

Oh wow!
That photo is soo fitting!
Your work is amazing.
Happy New Year!

Aquarelle said...

Magnifique Andrea, j'adore ce que tu fais !!
Je te remercie de ta visite sur mon blog; A très binetôt, je reviendrais.


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