Friday, December 7, 2007

"EyE kNoW tHerE pLenTy oF fiSh iN The SeA"

8 X 11 black gesso'd cardstock, golden fluid acrylics
gel pens, stamps, collage imagery, fishing swivels

I had mentioned a challenge a friend and I had commenced upon

in a recent post. The topic for this week was "What I know about fishing..."

What I know about fishing is that it is very relaxing until you get caught fishing without a license. Yup.. Dillion Reservoir, Breckenridge, Colorado. I like fishing but I have a problem with removing the fish once I've caught it. Now to some this may not be a problem, but to the 'lil ole fish, this puts them in an awful predicament.

I have my own graphite rod, a fishing vest with all sorts of gadgets, hooks, fish eggs, spinners, lures, and weights and I've always wanted my very own creel basket. (Don't have one.) and I have not done much fishing lately.

How bad do you want to make your buddies feel on your next fishing trip? Well here's a 'fishy tale' for y'all about "the big one" or should I say the basket o' fish I had caught on a fishing trip in the Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO. (area was just like this)

My friends and I parted ways to what we each thought were better fishing locals. While on my own path, I had met a couple who had caught a whole bunch o'fish but were not interested in eating them so they offered them up to me. I put them in my bucket on ice and trekked back to our campsite and awaited my friends return. When they showed up empty handed, I presented them with my bounty (never disclosing how I actually got them). In the end... my story unraveled and we all had some great laughs and so that is my tale.

One day before I transition from this life, I'd like to try fly fishing in Montana standing in a 'cool river' with full set of hip waders, casting my fly rod into the chilly waters, as I gaze into the great blue yonder, hair blowin' in the wind, surrounded by puffy white clouds- that look like this...

Oh.. and did I mention I like "Fish and Chips."

Remember every week Friday we'll pick a topic and set upon on separate ways to create a journal page on this randomly chosen topic. No rules. Feel free to join in and post a link to your collage in the comments.

The topic for next week's Friday collage is "Rear view mirrors"
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Paula said...

Fabulous piece. Great colours.

Kim H. said...

These fish are gorgeous! Love the bright colors!

A bird in the hand said...

Hello San Diego! I'm so glad you found me... I lived in San Diego when I was just a young thing...

Love the fish, and the vinyl bag is wonderful!

Susan Tuttle said...

These fish are so vibrant--I love them!

Great to connect with you!


bockel24 said...

I love your fish collage!