Wednesday, December 12, 2007

OuT Of My gOuRd- Part II

In an earlier post I had mentioned this gourd art medium was new to me. I think I surprised myself in how things turned out. This is the second of three I've completed so far. Closed coil and yarn wrapped coil, embellished with turquoise scarab, shells, beach rock and seagrass.

Another view.

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I leave you with this "Glimpse of the Day" by Sogyal Rinpoche

"Doubt is not a disease but merely a symptom of a lack of what we in our tradition call the View, which is the realization of the nature of mind, and so of the nature of reality. When the View is there completely, there will be no possibility for the slightest trace of doubt, for then we'll be looking at reality through its own eyes. But until we reach enlightenment there will inevitable be doubts, because doubt is a fundamental activity of the unenlightened mind,
and "the only way to deal with doubts is neither to suppress nor indulge them.""

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Unknown said...

Oh golly...I love this gourd. These are awesome and the colors are beautiful. Looks like work to me, but do some them.

Cory said...

First, Thank you so much for posting such a nice comment on my blog.
Wow... these are beautiful gourds you have done a fantastic job, good design and great colors.
could not find your email address anywhere, please send.
Thank you

Linda M. Cain said...

Love the gourds! Have always wanted to try this, but have never gotten around to it!
good job!