Monday, March 10, 2008

jUsT anOtHeR dAy in PaRaDise

The girls... me, Julie, Kim (our visiting blog friend from Wisconsin a.k.a. the North Pole) started the weekend off Saturday morning, at o'dark thirty...6:45 a.m. first stop Starbuck's, then off to the local swap meet.

Now mind you, our day wasn't complete until we had traveled to a myriad of thrift stores, a stamp supply store, a fabric store (which we quickly left because we were overcome by color and texture) followed by lunch, Border's for more art books, Dick Blick's, Artist's and Craftman Supply, Dick Blick's again... because A&C didn't have a colors we were after and then off to the beach to meet Heather, kick the sand, pick up shells and watch the sun go down, which was topped off at "The Harbor Beach Cafe" with a cold refreshment, some delicious fish tacos and wonderful company.

Flowers at the swap meet

Carlsbad State Beach- Carlsbad, CA

the boy

the sand

the surf

the end to a perfect weekend

Now it wouldn't be a perfect weekend without a splash of creativity and more camaraderie.

The same group of girls along with a few other friends, got together early Sunday a.m. to take class from our favorite Chris Cozen who is a "working artist" for Golden Paints.

Chris is a remarkable teacher and has just released a new book called "Altered Surfaces" which is chock full of instructions for creating all types of interesting surfaces utilizing the wide range of Golden products.

With Chris our classes generally begin with some type of color study on different papers or substrates. Today we began by choosing our favorite color palettes and painting background papers, using watercolor paper, canvas paper and some type of acrylic/linen paper.

Once our papers were complete we put together small collages and embellishments for our glass paperweight and then decided which portion of our paper we would use for the background.

Here is a sampling of my background papers:

Below are my finished glass paperweights.
These were a bit tricky to photograph due to the glass and reflection but you get the idea.

Thanks for your visits and kind words.

Have a wonderful week! My other blogspot: "The Way I See It"


John M. Mora said...

What a wonderful 47 hour weekend - inspiring and productive and fUn.

The photos are so warm and pieces are so solid. Really like the paperweights and all of it is so in tune with your artisitic sensibilities (Andrea's rich toned palette)

Got MS Paint back...all is good and I actually picked up which is wonderful addition so in way I am:


Have a great day. Thanks fdor all your kindness, here - there- everywhere like a magical mystery tour past blue jay way.

Heather Grow said...

I love your backgrounds. The third one doesn't look like a background to me. It looks like you should just frame it and call it done.

You are an amazing photographer. I'm so glad we got to meet and hang out,

dianeclancy said...

This is a wonderful post! I love the photos, the papers and your finished products!!

Quite a weekend!

~ Diane Clancy

K Hutchinson said...

It was a perfect weekend! I am already sick of the North pole and I have only been home 29 hours! Your painting and paper weights are gorgeous! ROCK ON!

Anonymous said...

Ditto for me too...I took that same sand picture! Might make a good PS layer one day...your painting is awesome! The top one is my favorite..I need to work on not painting in a straight line every day... =)

Susan Tuttle said...

These photos are so inviting!!! I adore your background papers!!


Irene said...

How absolutely lovely, Andrea, and you act like you just pulled them out of a magic hat without any effort! I know that some thought and much talent went into making these. I love the backgrounds and could just drown in them and I think I will.

I'll pop up some time again.

Heidi said...

Sounds like the PERFECT, perfect weekend!! Oh how I wish I had friends locally who shared my interests.

What great backgrounds! I love the paperweights and I think I recognize that Degas ballerina,
A perfect way to display her:)

The link you left for your friends book did not work when I tried it?

What a lucky soul you are to have these friends that are also artists. Your work - beautiful as always Andrea :)

Deborah Truesdell said...

Hi Andrea,

What an awesome weekend! Love the photos and the artwork - the first painting being my favorite, it really draws my eye. Can life get much better than the weekend you just had?!!


Bev said...

Looks like you live in a lovely place. Also like the paper weights, and wonder how you got the images into them.

Godelieve said...

Fabulous photos! I like your painted backgrounds a lot, very inspiring!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

3rd time lucky! I've been having trouble commenting again.
I loooove these photos. Especially your surfer. It sounds like a great weekend and would no doubt have made monday more bearable!
Your backgrounds are yummy and those paperweights are really nice too. Havn't seen paperweights in years!

Jo's-D-Eyes said...

Hello, I visit your blog for the first time, You commented on my blog , thanks for that (my dog is sick thats why)

I like your style of photography, a kind of romantic an mistac style, vreative toom you have 'an eye' for special "arty" moments .

Your backgrounds are also YOUR own style wich makes it unique, very specil and I am glad that you visited my blog, I hope to see you back and I'll visit your other blog too, I am impressed and inspired by your blogs,

JoAnn (Holland)
A passionated Photographer

Rebecca E. Parsons/Cre8Tiva said...

andrea...when i come to ca next, we must get together and create...i have missed so much lately...thank you for being so supportive during this difficult time...hugs and happy st. paddy's day...rebecca

John M. Mora said...

Thanks fo rall yor kind and thoughtful comments.

John M. Mora said...
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Trijnie said...

I can see your weekend was succesful.
I like the abstract coloured painting.
They are so full of mystery.
Sorry I have not been here lately.
I'll be back

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Andrea, your work is absolutely breathtaking... Love the girl with the tin heart paper weight.
The back ground papers are exquisite. Thanks for your comments on my site. They always encourage me.
xoxo Nita

eZeQuIeL Eduardo RuiZ said...

Que hermosos estos trabajos!! :)

Artists With Artitude said...

I missed visiting but I can see that you have been having a blast without me... what a fabulous idea to get together and have suh a creative outing! Thanks for sharing!

dawn said...

what a fun post.

happy Weekend to you, my friend.

Sarah Saad said...